The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program Ends Sep. 28, 2018 - But You Still Have Time.
Worried About the IRS Seizing Your Overseas Accounts?  $100,000 or 50% FBAR Penalties Are Real.  The IRS Is Now Revoking Passports for Debts > $50K.  Stop Losing Sleep and Learn Your Options For Coming Into Compliance and Resolving Your FBAR.
Do you have unreported offshore bank accounts or other unreported foreign assets?  Call NOW to find out your legal options under OVDP and the Streamlined Offshore Disclosure Program.  Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!
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“The IRS remains actively engaged in ferreting out the identities of those with undisclosed foreign accounts with the use of information resources and increased data analytics.  Stopping offshore tax noncompliance remains a top priority of the IRS.”
- Dan Fort, Chief of IRS Criminal Investigations
How Long Will the Process Take?
September's Deadline is the last chance to come into compliance with the FBAR filing requirements.  Don't procrastinate!  Once the amnesty programs end, the IRS warns that their enforcement efforts will become more aggressive.  Generally, it takes about 3 months to onboard a client, get their tax information and bank statements together, amend any returns or FBAR filings, and apply them to the relevant program, whether it be OVDP or Streamlined Compliance.
How Much Will Fixing My FBAR Problem Cost?
Most of our FBAR cases cost between $5,000 and $12,000 of legal fees and several thousand dollars of accounting fees to complete any necessary amended returns or FBAR reports.  Every case is unique We'd love to analyze your case and let you know exactly what we expect it will cost.  The cost also depends on how proactive you are in getting your documentation together and helping us to determine the correct USD values of your foreign accounts and other assets.
Who Will I Work With on My FBAR Case?
You will be working with John P. Fazzio, Esq., a tax attorney specializing in FBAR representation who has helped many taxpayers just like you and who has an L.L.M. in Taxation from NYU School of Law - the top tax program in the country.  You will also be working with his team of tax lawyer and paralegals and Fazzio Law Offices can refer you to an account familiar with FBAR filing requirements if you don't already have your own.  Let us know if you need a referral.
5 Minute FBAR 101 Video
To discover how Streamlined or OVDP Amnesty Problems Can Save You From Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Penalties.

Tanya S. says:

"My father had delinquent FBARs going back many years as his accountant failed to file. He had a business, home, life and substantial assets overseas in his native country. We went to 3 different attorneys before we came here and not one suggested anything but to pay substantial penalties. John came up with unique approach and executed it most successfully. Fazzio Law Offices helped us come into full compliance and to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars of FBAR penalties."

Justin F. says:

"Here's a guy who understands the mechanism behind how things work in the IRS and was able to respond to my specific needs as a result. In the end, he was able to clear me of all the penalties. Even then, he took the time to explain the resolution, what it meant, how to confirm the results, and what to do if future situations should occur." 
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