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Get Penalties Abated
Penalties & Interest can nearly double what you owe on back taxes.  Find out if you can find a diamond in the rough by utilizing first time penalty abatement or another approach to save on what you owe.
Offer-in-Compromise - Settle Your Debt for Less.
The IRS will consider settling for less than what you owe if you don't have assets you can liquidate and don't have enough money left over each month after basic expenses to pay in full.
If times are tough and you need "breathing room" to get back on track, you can stop the IRS in its tracks.  Currently-not-Collectible Status stops the threat of collection activity and leaves you in good standing without paying anything.  To qualify you need to have an economic hardship.
I was hit with a hefty tax fine for two tax years. One had merit and the other didn't. It was a complex situation involving partnerships, and international tax implications. When I opened the envelope from the IRS and saw the amount of the fine I panicked. We've all been there - an unexpected situation that blind-sides you and fills you with anxiety and doubt - the kind that shoots into your chest and then settles for the long term in the pit of your stomach. I didn't have the money to pay this and immediately sought John's help. John was available at the moment I needed him and took the call. He listened carefully to the situation and responded with specific yet disarming and comforting words. He conveyed confidence and listed out the next steps both he and I needed to complete. As if talking to a seasoned baseball coach, I left that phone conversation with a specific game plan of what I needed to do which was actually precious little compared to what he was doing behind the scenes. The shock was abated and replaced with something he specializes in - hope. Once he took my case, he went to work and work he did. Every step of the way I was given updates on what letters were drafted and sent out, what people he talked to and the responses. He shared copies of the letters he sent to the IRS which contained arguments cited with case law and precedent. I didn't always understand the exact content of the letters, but he explained anything I asked about. I was always kept in the loop and he took the time to explain the issues. When I had questions he made himself available. After he had submitted requests to remove the fine along with the rationale, I received a letter in the mail that looked like a confirmation of the original fine. Hope was snuffed out again. A quick panicky phone call to John and he immediately recognized that it was unrelated to the inquiry he had sent out - it was simply a reminder to pay the original fine that crossed paths in the mail with the resolution. Here's a guy who understands the mechanism behind how things work in the IRS and was able to respond to my specific needs as a result. In the end, he was able to clear me of all the penalties. Even then, he took the time to explain the resolution, what it meant, how to confirm the results, and what to do if future situations should occur. Finally, he took the time to help set me up so that the same situation doesn't occur in the future. It occurred to me that this sort of dedication and passion doesn't just come from talent or skill but from something else entirely - true passion and commitment to not just the case but to the client. We need more lawyers like John in the world. Don't pass up this opportunity - hire John today.
-Justin F., a Tax Client
My father had delinquent FBARs going back many years as his accountant failed to file. He had a business, home, life and substantial assets overseas in his native country. We went to 3 different attorneys before we came here and not one suggested anything but to pay substantial penalties. John came up with unique approach and executed it most successfully. Fazzio Law Offices helped us come into full compliance and to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars of FBAR penalties by taking a Treaty Position that our economic ties and center of vital interests (business, home, and social ties) were in other country and not the US and by filing delinquent FBARs through the Streamlined Process... I would recommend Fazzio Law Offices to anyone who has an FBAR issue or who is trying to make sure they are complying with all IRS requirements relating to foreign bank account reporting and reporting of foreign assets.
-Tanya S., a Tax Client
In 2009 I found myself in an impossible predicament; I had accrued more than $135,000 in taxes, interest and penalties. My health had limited my ability to work and I had no way of ever paying this tax debt. I had never owed a tax debt in my entire life and I knew that I needed professional legal help. I spent over a month searching for a tax attorney who could help me with this problem. After careful consideration I choose to work with John P Fazzio III, attorney at law. John treated me as if I was his most important client; I can't begin to tell you how much that meant to me. I want to thank you for your hard, dedicated work which successfully won me an offer in compromise of $6220.25, your guidance was fair, and right on the mark, you made a tough, trying situation a whole lot easier for me. John your assistance and the way you communicate reasonable with the IRS has removed a considerable amount of stress from my life. I want to thank you and your entire staff for all the work that you have done, it is not every day that you find an attorney who takes a genuine interest in a client case the way you did, I truly trusted your legal abilities in handling my offer in compromise and you have exceeded my expectations !!! I would strongly recommend John P Fazzio III, Attorney at Law to anyone needing help with tax or any other legal issues. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference. 
-Keith W., a Tax Client
Tax Problems Are Stressful... Let us Help. 
Problems We Can Solve For You:
  • Stop Liens & Levies: We will get you a hearing on whether your levy or lien is proper and seek to have these removed from your account.
  • Release Wage Garnishments: We will get your wage levy released to stop embarrassment at your job and so you can pay your bills.
  • Abate Penalties: We will get you the maximum reduction you are entitled to on tax penalties, which can double or triple what you owe.
  •  Unfiled Returns: We will get you compliant with your current tax obligations; we work with a number of accounting firms directly and the process is hassle free.
  •  Installment Agreements: You have many different options for an Installment Agreement depending on what you owe - let us help you get the best deal for your particular situation.
  •  Hardship Cases & Appeals: If you have gone through a medical, financial, or family tragedy or are facing a hardship and/or IRS is being unreasonable, we can appeal your case to Appeals & Tax Court and fight for you.
  •  Handle Tax Audits / Contest Erroneous IRS Notices: The IRS audits when there is nothing wrong and assesses taxes when none are due.  We will help you if the IRS has made a mistake or if you need to prove your innocence.
  •  Sales Tax Debts & Sales Tax Relief: Sales tax audits are treacherous.  Our tax attorneys can put you on even footing with the IRS and make sure you are not going to be steamrolled.  We also deal with back sales tax issues.
  •  Payroll Tax Debt Relief: If you failed to withhold to try to keep your business going, during a period where cash was tight, you may be surprised to find out that you are on the hook personally!  The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) is personal, and we can help you resolve back payroll tax debts.
  •  Foreign Bank Account Reporting: If you are an expat or have foreign bank accounts, you need to come into compliance with IRS requirements.  Fines start at $100,000 and you can even face jail time - the IRS is cracking down on foreign accounts, so don't gamble - get into compliance.
  •  Innocent Spouse Relief: We will get you relief if your spouse ran up a huge tab with the IRS, behind your back and without your knowledge.
  •  Statute of Limitations Clearance: If you have an old IRS tax debt, you may be approaching the SOL or CSED date when the debt goes away.  Do you know how much time is left before your debt expires?  Let us get you the answers.
  •  Currently-not-Collectible Status: When you are going through a tough time and can't pay anything, we can get your account placed in suspense so you can focus on what's important without the IRS hanging over your head.
  •  IRS Bankruptcy: We will help you discharge your debts and retire your IRS debt in bankruptcy if you've exhausted all other options and if you qualify.
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